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Beyond the Farlands


Server Updates:

Thurs, July 8, 2021 –

  • Added Mob Arenas.
  • Added the Hunger Games.
  • Added a player arena.
  • Built the the new spawn.
  • Added new webstore items. 
  • Added custom enchants. (Blindness, speed boots, double-damage modifiers.)
  • Added new features to the skill tree. /skills
  • Added a new sell option for players to sell ores with the /sell command.

Potential Future Updates:

  • Exclusive minigames for premium users.
  • More cosmetic options for premium users.
  • Party-like minigames such as Simon says.
  • A friending system to overlap the Clans system as a more linear way to manage who you know on the server.
  • A revisal of the website forums.
  • Making multiple server spawns to swap between  for diversity.
  • Adding bosses and custom mobs.
  • Custom potion effects.
  • Adding a feature for players to sell heads in a  player market or adding a bounty system.